Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another unexpected trip to Utah

sweet Avery

precious Tilly

Maci called on Tuesday to let us know that her preemie baby girls would need surgery to repair a heart valve that would not close. They had to be transported by ambulance to a hospital in Ogden (1hour and 20minutes from Provo). So pretty much at the last minute, my mom and I and our good friend Chrissie hopped in the car and started driving. I took Tucker of course and we drove all night to Provo to be with Mace. After many days of ups and downs, the girls are doing fine. And the silver lining was that I got to meet my darling nieces face to face.

A lot of people have been asking how they can help and "what do Maci and Jordan need?" And though they would never complain, it seemed to me that at this point there are basically three things: Money (with Jordan missing some work, hospital fees and still needing baby things, bills are piling), Meals (Maci is sick of eating hospital food and Jordan is sick of tv dinners), and Prayers (to give their little family the strength they need to overcome this). Thanks to the many who have helped with these things already. Our family feels so blessed to have such a strong support network.


jordan and maci said...

thanks again for coming out-- your help was MONUMENTAL!

Darla said...

What a good sister you are Linds!! Wow. You are all so sweet to eachother. A real "celestial" family. (: Good luck to Mace and Jordan (and the girls of course!).