Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BOO hoo...

Is it too early to get the holiday blues? Since when did Halloween become a stressful holiday? Between getting the right costumes to a whole weekend devoted to Halloween parties, I'm already tired of the holiday. And it's still 4 days away! We've still got class parties, "boo" treats to get out, and then the actual day itself. Then you start stressing about how much sugar your kids are consuming, being the bad guy by constantly saying "no more candy corn," and it doesn't seem fun anymore. I'm trying to let it go, but I think (at least for me) what stresses me out the most is wanting my kids to have the hugest amount of fun and memories possible. Everyday it's, "Take a deep breath. Only do what they are going to remember, Lindsey." When is it MY turn to have fun and enjoy a holiday? I think a trip to the pumpkin patch is out of the question.


Jennifer said...

ah finally someone who sees Halloween as I do! i don't like it at all now - but i remember loving it as a kid.

hmmm... i loved it, yet my mother never decorated and our costumes were always homemade with things we had around the house. i think you are right to do only what they will remember - anyway, i think what they love most is the excitement and anticipation and that comes whether or not you put yourself out making cookies.

if you want to create a holiday you will enjoy, we can make one for you.

Darla said...

It IS your turn Linds! Let's just leave next year for Halloween and go to NY or something. Sound good? We'll all go and see "Wicked". Good luck. I haven't even thought of what my kids are wearing yet..., and Halloween's tomorrow. oopsy.