Sunday, November 9, 2008

happy birthday afton

We can hardly believe our little Affy's two! She's so much fun to have around. For those of you who don't get to hang out with her all of the time, here are some of her favorites:
SONG.......anything with hand motions
TV SHOW......Dora (of course), although Wiggles are getting lots of air time lately
BOOK.........the Hungry Caterpillar
FOOD........"marsh-a-mallow" cereal and cheese
FRIENDS......Norah, Mason and Ali, Alex
ALSO LOVES TO.....jump, "fwing", ride bikes, play with barbie & baby dolls, go to nursery, and she is increasingly interested in sitting on the potty (although she doesn't do anything when I do put her on it).

We had a birthday party for her at the church. It was a lot of work for me, but she had the time of her life, so it was all worth it.

everyone enjoyed the food. I'm so glad Papa could come!

This is me going out of control to decorate for a two year old party. It was an apple theme, so that is some cute apple garland strung across the front of the table.

...more pictures of guests. Thanks everyone for coming! And a special thanks to Mom Snarr for taking all of the pictures I was too busy to take!

For the activities, we had all of Afton's favorite things to do: coloring, barbies, bikes, dancing, and bubbles (although the bubble machine made a big mess on the floor and had to be turned off.)
It was a fun night!

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jordan and maci said...

soooo wish i was there! thanks for the cute pics of the event, and for my halloween email:) love your hair... i think you were meant to have bangs.

p.s. your dad joke about the bangs totally warranted an "oh gol!"