Thursday, July 9, 2009

our 4th

of july, not our 4th kid...although he dominates the photos...
we had a very fun (very eventful) holiday weekend. spent the whole day in swim suits on friday, between the pool and the lake. sometimes i check my kids for gills, because they never get sick of swimming. we started off saturday morning with our little neighborhood parade. the fun part is always decorating the bikes and wagons.

tucker, eyeballing a baby in another wagon. i love how fat his face looks.

daddy, pulling the kiddies in a very patriotic fashion

mia, with decorated bike and face

afton, bringin up the rear

after the parade, we went to our ward's ice cream picnic. annie especially enjoyed the waterballoon in the face (not really).

following the picnic, we all came home and crashed. glorious 2 hour naps for all! tim and i decided not to spoil such a lovely day by having to make dinner, so we took the fam for a good-ol' american burger at in-n-out. then we went to the grayson's for more fun: swimming and fireworks (that seemed to never end!). needless to say, my kids were in heaven.

this is mommy torturing tucky. we kept him up past his bedtime so we could enjoy his reaction to the fireworks.

he thoroughly enjoyed them.


Kathleen said...

and i enjoyed him enjoying them...

jordan and maci said...

um, tuck looks yummy in every picture--nothing new there. however one of my favorites would have to be afton the ham, cheezin' it up in the back of the wagon. love those kiddiliwinks!

Darla said...

This post is sweet, Linds! Look at your sweet fam! You seem to be happy. That's more than wonderful. Annie looks so old and beautiful. What a lady! And little Tucker..oh my, oh my..

Darla said...

What's new?? a post, Linds! A post!