Saturday, September 26, 2009

7 at last!

birthdays are always a big deal for mia for a multitude of reasons: 1) she is "finally the same age as everyone else in my class, but now they're all turning 8!" 2) who doesn't love a day devoted to them, especially when presents are involved? 3) "i get to have more than one sugar!" (she definitely inherited a sweet tooth from her mother, so we've had to limit her...oh, and she gets sugar-crazed)

we had a little playdate/party for her after school at the park. it was a good turnout, and her wonderful friends spoiled her rotten.

all the friends, silly faces

it was so hot that day, we got ice cream treats for the party. then a friend reminded me that she needed candles to blow out, so i ran to the store and got a piece of "afterthought" birthday cake.

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jordan and maci said...

she looks so old! happy birthday mia bug!