Saturday, November 14, 2009

funny boy

i caught the kids one day playing with annie's music stand. i'm always surprised at the things tucker picks up from his older siblings.

this one's just funny. "fat boy in a little" chair. or should i say a "bitty" chair for afton's bitty baby. he kept trying to sit down when the chair was no where near his bottom.

these are especially for aunt maci to enjoy:) v


jordan and maci said...

oh...and i did! a few things:
1.) afton in a leotard
2.) tucker mimicking 'old mcdonald' while eating the mic stand
3.) tucker's adorable blue overalls!
4.) 'the scooch'
5.) the mini grunts he's making while trying to get out of the chair...
i definitely lol-ed girl. thanks for the treat! can't wait to see it live in a week!

Darla said...

Hey, I enjoyed them too (referring to your A. Maci comment)!! Those cute kids of yours! Wish I was closer and knew all, really! Don't we always say that? I'm serious, though! I miss family.