Friday, September 3, 2010


little mia planted these giant sunflowers when we first moved here. just look at them now...

also growing are my children. this is mia on her first first day of school. she started at the public school and really liked it. her friend (and neighbor) elena was in her class.

then she got the devastating news that a spot opened up for her at reagan academy, the charter school where annie was already in and daddy is teaching.

this is her teacher mrs. beagles. she has snoopy all over her classroom. ah, uniforms. mia says, "the clothes are so boring." but mom says, "it's so easy to get ready in the morning!"

annie was so excited about her first day of school. especially because daddy would be there too.

not pictured
: me on my first day of school. my first week is over, and i am already overwhelmed. i find my self walking around envying all of the young single kids on campus. they don't know how easy they have it. not only are things crazy with school and home, but i managed to pick up an extremely part time job which i am starting this weekend with byu catering. it's funny how it happened...i was telling tim that i would love to work for a caterer to learn some tricks of the trade, and the very next day i was on campus and caught sight of a catering booth that said "now hiring." so i found out i could work fridays and saturdays (including all the football games) and i signed up. we'll see how it goes. maci told me that every start of the semester she is ready to give up, but somehow makes it through. i'm hoping this will work for me. wish me luck!


Kathleen said...

mia - i was so excited to see your sunflowers!! school looks really fun for all....kisses to the babies a home.

Darla said...

Linds! Look at your new life! I can't believe it. Are you going full time? What's your major again? Oh, and what is Tim teaching (you BETTA answer all these questions...j/k). We're coming out to Utah next summer (that is, if we're not house poor), so we hope to see you!

jordan and maci said...

...and it's true! you WILL survive!

jordan and maci said...

...and it's true! you WILL survive!