Monday, April 25, 2011

happy easter!

p.s. I know there is an unbalanced amount of photos of Tuck, but look at him!!


Kathleen said...

I love him....and the rest!! Darling photos of darling kiddos.

Darla said...

I know, LOOK AT HIM!! He's adorable!! Linds! I miss you like crazy! So, you ARE going to be in Utah this summer? Alright, we're staying with you. August. Plan on it. Um, that runner/doily thing on the back of your piano? I need one and that thing is so sweet. Where'd ya get it?

Nora said...

We miss you all so much! Congratulations to Afton on the haul. Her basket looked pretty full. Pretty dresses for the girls and cute outfit for Tucker. Thanks for making the photos available.