Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day of School

School has officially begun. It sounds kind of crazy, but I'm actually looking forward to getting my schedule back. Summer has started to feel chaotic. I need the girls back in school and I especially need Tim back in school. When he's home I don't always get my chores done. Anyways, Annie is now in 3rd grade and has joined the spanish magnet class. She is very excited to learn spanish and speak it with Daddy. Mia is in 1st grade and is so happy to get to eat lunch in the cafeteria. We went school shopping last week and I told the girls I would get them backpacks. But apparently backpacks aren't "in" anymore. They needed "messenger bags." And I thought to myself, "Here we go." As long as the trend they want is modest and affordable (and never has a cartoon character on the front), I guess I can't complain.

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jordan and maci said...

ha ha! amen to the NO CARTOON CHARACTERS! btw, i am absolutely in love with tucker. he totally looks like mia linds-- which is good so that she won't be totally out numbered with mini-annie's.