Friday, August 29, 2008

We LOVE Technology!

I don't know how the pioneers did it. We had to make an unexpected trip to Utah, and this is pretty much all Afton did the entire 11 hour drive. She either watched her Dora dvd or screamed and cried or slept (not enough sleeping though). So as we are driving through the barren desert that is Nevada, the big girls were watching a dvd, Afton was watching her dvd, and Tim and I were enjoying the music on the ipod through a fm tuner...I looked at Tim and said, "How did anyone ever drive across Nevada with a toddler and no technology?"

Funny things that were said on our drive:

Annie..."Are we almost to Key Largo yet?" (she meant Elko)

Mia......(In an effort to hurry through Winnemucca, we got BK for lunch but forgot to get the Mia's cheeseburger plain.) "Oh no, this has mustard on it!" "Sorry Mia, we forgot to get it plain." "That's okay, Annie just reminded me that I like mustard."

Annie...(She was watching a dvd rather loudly, so I tossed some earphones back and told her to put them in the hole on the side of the dvd player they fit into.) A: "This isn't working, they're not staying in." L: "Then you've got the wrong hole." A: "They're in the right hole" (and about now I look back to see she's trying to get them to stay in her ears. I guess she had the right hole:)


Jennifer said...

i love hearing what your kids say. they are really very funny.
i too, love technology and rely on it rather heavily on trips and travels... technology and sugar, that is.
we love technology and hate winnemucca. we hate wendover as well. and wells too, while i'm thinking of it. in fact, we'd do away with the whole state altogether if there weren't such strict laws against bombs.
anyway, my understanding is that nevada stands strong despite great and tremendous explosions, even nuclear - so it seems that nevada is much like a cockroach in more than one sense.

Kathleen said...

It was just as funny the second time I heard / read their comments - I love those girls......

jordan and maci said...

i shouldn't have read this today... my stomach is still sore. lindsey, they are hilarious. i can't wait to see what "isms" the doublets come up with.

Jenner said...

we were basically saying the same thing on our drive across the country. we LOVE technology!

the jackman family said...

your family is so cute! i's been so long since i've seen you guys. congrats on your little guy.