Thursday, December 25, 2008


he picked up the guitar, self-taught, and became proficient.
he is fluent in three languages.
nobody believes he is married with 4 kids because he looks (or maybe acts) so young.
he is the most generous person i know.
he is almost done with school (relatively speaking...the end is in sight!).
he has a VERY impressive volleyball coaching resume.
he loves his family tremendous amounts.
he gives better back rubs than maci (sorry mace, he actually GIVES them).
he is a star wars fanatic.
and he is 31 today.
happy birthday
love you


Darla said...

I didn't know your bday was on Christmas day, Tim!! Well..., happy birthday! What a good guy you got, Linds. (;

Jennifer said...

happy belated birthday tim! we like you too, although we didn't need all of those listed reasons.