Tuesday, January 6, 2009

not quite the "silent night" we were hoping for...

In "cliff's notes" form: The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. The kids have been in hyper-excited mode. It began when school let out for the winter break. Unfortunately, Papa's health took a turn for the worst. Jordan and Maci came out with the babies to say goodbye, and ended up staying for the funeral that Monday after Christmas. So, we had our usual Christmas eve here with all of the fam, did the Christmas morning frenzy, then to Tim's parents' later that morning, Uncle Rich's in the afternoon (my mouth is watering remembering the turkey. Yum.).
During all of this, mind you, we were getting no sleep as we were sharing a room with all of the kids in our tiny house. Day after Christmas we had brunch and more presents at my sister Kim's house, then all of the moms took off for our regular trip to Yountville in Napa. THAT was fun! Then Monday was Papa's funeral. Tuesday Tim took Mia for an emergency dental visit while I frantically packed for a trip to Utah (our leaving had been pushed back from Monday). We got on the road as soon as they got home, and stopped in Elko for the night. Got to Provo on Wednesday, stayed up until 12:01 and crashed. Spent the next few days visiting with Maci and Jordan and some other friends and family. Went to the Matilda and Avery's blessings on Sunday, then raced home to beat a storm. (deep breath)
Looking back it all sounds like it was so hectic, and most of it was, although everything was completely necessary to do. I regret not being able to enjoy it all more, and am especially mad that I didn't take more pictures. I guess it's a good new year's resolution.


Jordan said...

seriously... those two weeks were so jam-packed with events, it made it hard to just be able to sit around and enjoy the people! at any rate, we were glad to be in it with you guys:)

Darla said...

Oh my garsh, Linds! That IS crazy! Hope you're getting some sleep now. Your kids (i know I always say it) are GORGEOUS!