Friday, April 17, 2009

the afton adventures continue

last saturday we were catching up on some much-needed yard work. unfortunately the backyard was retaining some moisture from the last rain, which made it a bit muddy in spots. of course afton gravitated toward the mud puddles. she ended up with soaking wet and muddy clothes. i shrugged because, hey, they were filthy already so why not just let her have fun? but that wasn't good enough for affy. she ended up stripping (yes, diaper too) and sitting in a little muddy pool of water and said she was "swimming." we eventually had to hose her off outside because she was such a mess. it was a little chilly that day, and the hose water was icy, but she was in heaven. my little fish.

yesterday i was (clear throat) bleaching some "stubborn hair" (as it says on the box) and afton and her little friend alex were utterly intrigued. i said it was lotion, but they wouldn't let it go. "i want lotion too."
*no babies were bleached in the making of this post


Jennifer said...

(me laughing) LOVE THIS! you just learn so much about people via their blogs! jennifer is a bored housewife and lindsey bleaches her face!

jordan and maci said...

ha ha... love that taffers! p.s. she looks like a mini-school girl in that last picture

Darla said...

bleaching? I should try that. My SIL who lives so close waxes mine, but there always seems to be something new growing in. Yuck. I can tell little Afton's got quite the personality. Wish our kids knew each other better!