Sunday, April 5, 2009

our last-minute getaway

we decided to go to disneyland during tim's spring break. so glad we did! we had fun, and here are the pictures to prove it!mia in front of the waterfall at california adventure.
disclaimer: i got the girls cheap-o character shirts at walmart to wear one of the days we were there. now they are jammie shirts (we don't wear character clothing usually).
afton's own personal disneyland...i let her play in one of the water fountains while we waited for the big girls to get off a ride. her hair was wet by the time we were done here (of course).

the big cheese himself.

the wannabe big cheese. tim had a fun time too.

afton was thrilled that she got to meet "her sleeping booty." although she was speechless and shy in her presence, she is still talking about it.

for those of you who know afton, you know this is the perfect toy for her. it's her "sleeping booty with a la la dress" that spins and lights up when you push a button. she's obsessed with it.

the obligatory pose in front of the mouse-shaped flowers. really though, the landscape is gorgeous there.

riding on mark twain's riverboat during a very sunny moment of our trip. tim's parents were able to join us and it was their first time to disneyland...they had a blast (but how could you not?).

afton had more fun climbing on this stationary dumbo than the flying one.

tuck and his first pair of ears. it was the happiest place on earth only when out of his stroller.

we've decided to begin saving up for our next trip, and we'd like everyone to join us next time!!

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Darla said...

I LOVE Disneyland!! I took pride in the fact that I'd never been there (well, possibly once when I was three, but I don't remember that!) before we were married and Geof.'s fam was obsessed. I thought Disneyland was a cheesy vacation. Now, I could seriously go twice a year. LOVE IT! How was in Spring? We've been once during christmas (WAY too busy) and twice at Halloween (perfect time). Glad you had fun!!