Thursday, June 25, 2009


i love this boy. he has so many new tricks. he plays catch (throwing a ball and chasing it are his favorites). he is always on the move. he loves to sit in his swing. he loves to play with his sisters. we are still practicing words with him, but i think he has dada down. if he wants something he just yells for it, or he does a funny monkey sound. tucker has (finally) slept all night in his bed...the past 2 nights. we are hoping this is a new trick, my favorite so far. he is VERY ticklish. he likes to throw mini tantrums where he throws his body back to the floor. the funny thing is that he's learned that it hurts, so now he throws his elbow down first to soften the blow. he's most calm when he's sitting on daddy's lap, especially while daddy plays bubblespinner. it's mesmerizing to him. tuck is enthralled with technology. favorite "toys": 1) laptop, 2) flip cell phone (toy phones will work for a minute, but he prefers the real thing), 3) home phone, 4) remote controls. he just started holding the phone to his ear, which squishes his cheek and makes it look so fat and cute! best of all, he gives kisses. his mouth is usually open, but he leans in for them after prayer. he's my favorite baby boy.


jordan and maci said...

" i love him sooo muuuuch..." love the saggy pants, diaper all hangin' out. you can tell he's a crawler:)

Darla said...

OHHHH!! Lindsey, you have a BOY!