Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the party

the friends

the birthday girl

the cupcakes and singing

the sister and friend with twin suits

the goodwill

instead of presents, annie had her friends bring canned food for the foodbank here in folsom. the next day we delivered the food. it was a good experience for everyone involved.


Kathleen said...

It seemed everyone had a good time - I'm so proud of Annie for her generosity...

jordan and maci said...

what fun pictures! though i have to say, mia looks like a beast in the one with the friend... and i am probably the only one who noticed, or will say anything about, annie's 2nd day wavy pool hair in that last photo. wasn't it great to get away with stuff like that when you were a kid. way to go annie on donating!

Darla said...

That's so great, Annie!! I was reading today about doing a bakesale and the proceeds go to..hm.., I don't remember. BUT, I still wanna do it with our kids and some friends. Annie, you're BEAUTIFUL!