Sunday, October 17, 2010

ah fall!

don't you love when the trees start changing colors? we get to look at this beauty out our front door. not to mention the beautiful mountains flecked with red trees. love it. thought you'd enjoy this mom.

we've done everything fall this week that we could do. we made halloween cookies to share with friends...
good decorating afton!
this is blurry, but you get an idea of how messy tucker's face got.

we made carmel apples...

and since we don't have apple hill out here, we made our own. we got invited to jordan's grandma's farm for apple picking.

tucker even brought one of the carmel apples we made so we would really feel like we were at apple hill.

i love this picture. pie!

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Kathleen said...

send me the afton photo, so i can print it out for my office bulletin board... thanks (fall decor)