Sunday, October 17, 2010

mia's birthday part 1

because of her undying love of all things sweet, this year mia wanted a cupcake party. we had the party at a cute little place called chocolate dessert cafe. the girls got to decorate their own cupcakes. we made cupcake hair accessories for everyone to take home.

annie is happy. tucker is diving in face first.

cute friends.

this was only the beginning of afton's cupcake decor. i think she piped on another cup of frosting and added so many sprinkles you couldn't make out the color of the frosting.

i had kind of wished there was gumpaste flowers and other demonstrations. but it was just pipe on some icing and add a few sprinkles and eat. had i known that, i probably wouldn't have gotten the room for an hour and a half. oh well. mia liked it.

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Darla said...

Beautiful girls! Look at those lips on Annie! Wowsers. Fun pics, Linds. Are you having so much fun out there with Mace?