Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Luck Mace!

So, as most of you are probably aware, my sister Maci is expecting twin girls in November. I warned her that at the moment I was not going to be giving her any pep talks on labor and delivery any time soon (especially doing it twice in a row...can you imagine?) I'm not going to brag or pretend that I was so strong to have this baby naturally...that was not a choice. The epidural is the way to go, but having a baby naturally does make you reflect and appreciate those mothers who have gone before you. It kind of connects you to previous generations who have experienced the same pain and consequent relief. Now I'm starting to sound like a hippie. (This is obviously a before picture hence, the smile)


jordan and maci said...

hi, this is treasures. thanks for the shout out... like i'm already not terrified enough. perhaps they put people pregnant with twins on the top of the epidural list... let's hope so.

Darla said...

hippie or not.., I totally agree! I read The Red Tent the day I gave birth to June. It's the fictional story of Dinah in the Bible. Good read. ANYWAY, the book talks a lot about women, women giving birth, the pains of natural child birth, etc. I felt like it somewhat empowered me during my torturous (sp again?) ordeal, although I did feel like I was dying and wasn't too empowered by the end of it.

Jenner said...

Hey Lindsey! Glad you found my blog and started one yourself! Now we can keep tabs on each other. What a cute mom you are. Way to go with 4 kiddos. I'm not that brave yet. I am also not brave enough to do any type of natural childbirth-NO WAY! congrats to maci though. tell Tim I said hi.