Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tucker Garnet Snarr


20 July 2008

6 lbs 13 oz

18 in

Everyone is smitten!


jordan and maci said...

i am in deep smitt!

Darla said...

He's sooo perfect Linds (not surprising for you guys!).

Raquel & Marc said...

We can't wait to meet him/smell him. He looks heavenly!

One Girl and Three Crazy Boys! said...

Congrats-we are so happy for you guys and for your cute girls to finally have a brother-yay! Bree and Kenton Henrie

treasures said...

he looks absolutely scrumptious in these new pics... you need to post the one of afton holding him-- hi-larious!

Chrissie Brown said...

So cute! Need another cuddle with him. And I love the outfit. :)